About me

Hello, I’m Marianna Digka, a BSc(Hons) Applied Economist on a mission to support entrepreneurs in creating their business in a way that allows them to live days of bliss.

I have spent more than ten years working from home as a freelancer and I’m passionate about the power of family-owned small businesses with big impact.

Over these years I have created a few successful businesses from the comfort of my home, from photography to content creation and from energy efficiency to innovation consulting.

Throughout this journey, I’ve had the opportunity to walk hand in hand with other fellow entrepreneurs and witness their struggles with strategy, business modelling, branding, sales and mindset. I’ve also witnessed how dramatically their learning curve shortens and how fast they can maximise their successful outcomes when they receive the gift of proper guidance and mentorship. 

I’m an advocate of creating sustainable businesses that connect you with your tribe, add value to the people you serve and leverage on your strengths without leaving you feel depleted and burnt out.

Days of Bliss is here to help you unfold your potential and fast-track your business towards success. I firmly believe that we all have it within us to create a business that really fulfills us and I look forward to helping you unlock this potential within you.