The new name for a simple work life is “sustainable”

Can you believe life has become so complicated that we need to have these talks about simplifying? Or about sustainability?

Building a life that is simple, prosperous and soul-nourishing is brave work. Life is meant to be simple, but as we drift away from what is important, we tend to complicate things, ending up with results that are not in our favor. Like having our work consume the whole of our vitality.

And although you’ll hear the majority of people talking about the destruction of the environment, I believe there is not enough talk about the depletion of human resources – us! Almost 80% of the work force claims to feel depleted day by day, mentally, psychologically and physically (source: 2020 workplace stress survey, UK).

Just like our planet cannot withhold any more exploitation, the same goes with the exploitation of the human capital, our psyches. And this is something we do to ourselves too because we think that we have no other choice.

If you believe that it’s possible to build a work life that is sustainable in a way that:

– allows you enough life and vitality for what is important,

– fills you with joy because it gives space for creativity and connection,

– pays fairly to support needs and not greed,

Then I’m happy to share that you are not alone!!!

There is a HUGE group of believers. People are researching and working right now towards this transition and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned from them. Book a meeting to have a chat (that is of course free of charge) with me here:

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