You are in the right place if:

– The time has come for you to redefine your relationship with work.

– You have a huge desire to quit the 9-5 and work with more flexibility.

– You want to work with something you are passionate about and don’t know where to start from.

– You want to re-evaluate your priorities and create more space in your life for what truly matters.

– Your goal is to create work-life harmony and build a SUSTAINABLE work life.

Your work life can be significantly transformed.

Working with proper guidance and mentorship will allow you to effortlessly:

– Go from stuck to confident and clear as you shift your mindset and take action daily towards your goals!

– Be supported to start and run your intentional, unique business, set up to thrive in focus, joy and stability.

– Build concrete systems and structures for long term, sustainable success using the tools that are tested and true.

– Have a clear strategy and clarity to move fast ahead and take impactful action for months after this course will have ended.

– You will spare yourself the expensive trial and error that most new business owners endure for years, and will step into a proven process that will have you making real income.

– You will have the confidence to fast track your skills to market, breaking free from any fear, blocks, scarcity mindset or perfectionism that has been holding you back.

The Process

The way we’ll work together is designed to build on two levels: outer and inner. Because no business can grow unless it’s leader has grown first. On the outer level you will be equipped with the right tools and framework that will allow you to see your business with the eyes of an economist. On the inside we will work on building up the clarity and the confidence that is required to find your own voice, open your own novel path in the business scene and stand out from the noise. Here’s how we do it:



You will received personalised support and full voice-messaging access to me as the most efficient way to get to the root and the heart of your business idea and of what will make it take off.



You will receive workbooks used by economist to bring your business idea down to a concrete business model and a strategy plan that is perfectly fitted to your needs and personal lifestyle. All tools are simplified and tailored to be comprehensible by non-economists.



Get started from as early as possible! Aligned action brings clarity and the faster you start acting upon your ideas the faster you will get your results. You will be supported to get started even from the very first sessions.

Here’s what makes working with me special

Everything you’ll learn is created by an economist, not just an “accredited” business coach. I am trusted by the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, working with their team as a mentor for startups that operate in environments with systemic barriers. All I teach is scientifically based on academic knowledge, tested and tried. But is it only theoretical? Absolutely not! Read next to learn why.

I will never teach or ask you to do something that I haven’t tried myself through my experience working both in corporate and as an entrepreneur. This allows you to tap into a very wide experience on how businesses work in every spectrum of economic activity.

It is exclusively delivered on a one-to-one basis, when all other alike programs are offered on a group “cookie-cutter” basis. Building a business that will serve your life and not the other way around is something very personal and unique. It needs special attention and personalised care and that’s what I’m all about. I will not just teach you the economic principles. We will work together to find how these need to be applied in your unique lifestyle, needs and dreams. I want you to experience this luxurious personalised attention at a reasonable price. I’ll be holding this space for you, rooting for you every step of the way. I hold nothing back!


“I started from level zero and now I dream big!! I am here having my own website, my own Instagram account and my services are ready too. Also, I worked hard with Marianna to swift the mindset of being an employee for the past 19 years to be the boss of myself and manage all the negative thoughts” ~ Sophie, Financial planner

“I can’t thank you enough! I gained a lot from just one session. I loved that you were direct, as am I, no superfluous words! You have a lovely manner, very friendly and are a good listener. You are so skilled in your knowledge.” ~ Bea Oatridge, Clothes designer, Texas

“I didn’t know what to expect from our session – that saying ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ sums me up completely. Marianna was so professional and never once made me feel stupid for not knowing any of what we discussed. Her demeanour is calm and encouraging and her knowledge is incredible. Within 5 minutes of looking at my Instagram account she had suggested ways for me to improve, this extended to my website which resulted in a complete branding colour change that feels more like me and allowing to out myself more out on Instagram.” ~ Stacie Wilkes, Confidence Coach, UK

“Your patience and calmness are amazing. You have this soothing energy, I don’t know how else to say it. When I get upset, you let me go there and once I’m done ugly crying, you help me pick up the pieces and move on by saying something assuring and offering me a new perspective. You’re so encouraging and you never ever make me feel silly for not knowing something. I received more than I could have ever expected. I received the action steps I needed and you also brought some things to my attention that I hadn’t even thought of.” ~ Kati Usin, Life coach, Estonia

Here’s how we can work together

Business Deep Dive

This is one-off 90min intensive coaching session allowing you to deep dive into specific areas of your business, like strategy, business model, branding or sales, that need closer care or even a complete re-adjustment.

Jumpstart Your Business

A 10-week coaching programme, offered on a 1:1 basis, for new entrepreneurs that want to start in business or for seasoned entrepreneurs that want fresh beginning or to launch a new idea. This course is designed as a step by step guide through everything you need to know to start your own online business and have it up and running with a clear strategic plan for the first year.

The Limitless Business

A 10-week luxurious coaching business growth program offered intensively on a 1:1 basis from two coaches, one for working on the business level and one for the mindset. This is offered to people who already have a good experience in running a business and wish to scale & up-level their results.